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Dewald Louw (born 18 June 1986 in Bloemfontein) is the winner of the first season of The Afrikaans KykNET Idols in South Africa.

With him in the final were Alzonia Titus and Willem Botha.

In 2003, he made it to the final 32 of the show's second English season, however he failed to make it to the top 12 on his first try. In season three he auditioned as well without passing the first audition.

In 2007 and 2008, Dewald got a lot of radio play with his radio singles Free To Fly and Nog 'n Hart.


  1. In Jou Oë (4 December 2006)


  1. Idol
  2. In Jou Oë
  3. Free to Fly
  4. Nog 'n Hart
   Elvis Blue (born Jan Hoogendyk on 28 December 1979) is a platinum selling South African musician and songwriter.

Elvis Blue was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. His passion for music was already evident in his childhood when he listened to his mother’s cassettes on his Walkman until the batteries gave up the ghost. After failing miserably as a waiter he started creating music when he was 16 years old. He bought a guitar and learned to play off the internet. Singing on the streets of Johannesburg (busking) for pocket money through high school was also a great way to raise money for overseas adventures. In his school years he played in several bands. He matriculated from Linden High school and traveled overseas, busking on the streets of London and Scotland.

On his return, he studied contemporary music at Allenby Campus. He focused on piano, guitar, singing and songwriting. He recorded his first CD in 2001. Since then Elvis has performed alongside, and collaborated with, many well known South African artists such as Just Ginger, Karen Zoid, Heinz Winkler, Tree 63, Coenie de Villiers and John Ellis. He has recorded and released 5 albums. Three of those albums were recorded using the name “Mono”. Mono was also signed to Gallo record company and the Album “Mono in stereo” was recorded and released in 2003. Elvis has also recorded two Afrikaans albums using his real name “Jan Hoogendyk”; "Diep Riviere" in 2006 and "Ontskemer" in 2009.

"Ontskemer" was nominated for 2010 SAMA (South African Music Award) in the category "Best Gospel Album" and "Diep Rivier" received an“ATKV Lier” award in 2007.

Elvis' self-titled album Elvis Blue was released in November 2010. It immediately shot up the charts and received gold status 28 days after its release. The album went platinum in 2011. Universal Music South Africa stated that Elvis is the first South African Idols winner to have ever released a platinum-selling debut album.

The album features the hit singles "Things my Father said" (Originally written and performed by Black Stone Cherry {Folklore and Superstition, Album} blackstonecherry.com ), "Lighthouse", "Save Me" and "Right here, Right now", as well as songs written for his wife – "Dangerous", "Lately", "Believe", "Lover" and "Lightly Tread" – and his daughter "You". It also features the song "Little Friend", a duet with Idols runner-up L'loyd Cele.

The recording of the album kicked off immediately after Elvis' Idols win with two sets of studios and producers and engineers working around the clock. All three producers, Brain O'Shea, Crighton Goodwill and Jake Odendaal, are SAMA (South African Music Award) Producer of the Year Award winners. The material for the album was a combination of songs written by the world's top pop songwriters (Pam Sheyne, Jeff Franzel and Richard Harris) and Elvis' original material (Lately, Believe. I'm on Fire, Dangerous, You, Ligtly Thread, Lover, Running, Stay). The album was released 30 days after Elvis' Idols win, making him the first Idols winner world-wide to record and release an album within 30 days of winning Idols
Prior to his Idols Season 6 victory in 2010, Elvis Blue already had a heart for orphaned and vulnerable children. Based on this, and his passion for music, he became involved with the Non Profit Organisation Life Community Service (LCS) that operates in the disadvantaged community of the George area in the Western Cape. He spent hours every week tutoring orphaned and disadvantaged youths in guitar and building into their lives through volunteering and relationship building. The Elvis Blue Music Academy were born out of this initiative, as well as his relationship with LCS. The Academy is still running in George today. In partnership with his older sister, Kona Brown acting as coordinator, the music academy was also successfully piloted in the Alexandra Township in 2011

   Anton Goosen (born 5 March 1946) is a South African musician and songwriter. He became a pivotal figure in Afrikaans music and is generally regarded as the father of Afrikaans Rock. His influence was not, however, limited to genre. His contribution to the music industry was much more profound as he led a continuous protest against the status quo in his music.
When Anton went to school in 1956, he was seen as a dullard.
At the age of 9, his teacher at the time tried to have him placed in a special class (a class for mentally challenged children). On his first report card, his teacher Ms Hattingh noted disruptive behavior. “I love Anton but he can’t leave other kids alone”. At the age of 17, like most South Africans at the time, he received career guidance from the school guidance councilor. The guidance councilor recommended that Anton abandon music as a career. In 1963 Anton was expelled from boarding school. He was reportedly caught sitting in a bath playing guitar and smoking. This resulted in his guitar being confiscated and his guitar case being filled with bricks. This episode did not prevent Anton from starting his high schools' first rock band that same year. Being expelled forced Anton to move to another school for his senior year, where his smoking got him in trouble again when he accidentally started a brushfire.


  • "Kruidjie-Roer-My-Nie" (1979) Theme from the film 'Pretoria O Pretoria'
  • "Trompie" (1980) Theme from the TV Series 'Trompie'
  • "Boy Van Die Suburbs" (1981)
  • "'n Brief Vir Simone" (1981) Theme from the film of the same name
  • "Deurdruk Dag Toe" (1981)
  • "Baai Baai Bokkie" (1983)


  • Anton Sing (1972)
  • Boy Van Die Suburbs (1979)
  • 2de Laan 58 (1980)
  • Liedjieboer (1980)
  • Jors Troelie (1981)
  • Lappiesland (1985)
  • Liedjieboer In Die Stad/City (1986)
  • Winde Van Verandering (1988)
  • Danzer (1992)
  • Riviersonderend - 21 Greatest Hits (1994)
  • Bushrock (Of A White Kaffir In Africa) (1996)
  • Putonnerwater (1999)
  • 'n Vis Innie Bos (2001)
  • Anton en Vrinne Live in die Staatsteater 2003
  • Die Groen Blomme-projek 2005
  • 33 A-sides (Grootste treffers) 2008
  • 33 B-sides (getye van verandering) 2008
  • 33 Sea-sides (om te rock 'n roll) 2008

Heinz Carl Heinrich Winckler (born 22 March 1978) was the winner of the first series of South African Idols.

Born the eldest of three children in Stellenbosch, South Africa, he went on to study law at Stellenbosch University. After winning the Idols competition in June 2002, he discontinued his studies to devote time to a music career.

Idols was the South African version of the British Pop Idol show, and was presented as a talent search competition with successive elimination rounds narrowing the number of contestants. Throughout the show, Winckler was referred to as "Hunky Heinz" because of his good looks.

Songs performed on Idols

  • Audition: I'm A Believer by (Smash Mouth)
  • Top 50: Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me), by Train
  • Top 11: I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, by Aerosmith
  • Top 8: Higher, by Creed
  • Top 6: Shallow Waters, by Just Jinger
  • Top 4: Every Breath You Take, by Sting
  • Top 4: Soledad, by Westlife
  • Finale: Once In A Lifetime; Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me), by Train; Soledad, by Westlife

Winckler's debut single, Once in a lifetime, went double platinum in South Africa having sold over 100000 copies. His subsequent debut album, One step closer, included this song as well as Soledad, a cover of the Westlife song which he performed during Idols, and Next stop happiness, which became a single as well.

He was nominated for two South African Music Awards, including best single for Once In A Lifetime and best pop album for One Step Closer.

In 2003, with the inaugural World Idol competition, Winckler came fourth behind Belgium's Peter Evrard (3rd), the U.S.'s Kelly Clarkson (2nd), and Norway's Kurt Nilsen (Winner).

His second album, Come Alive, was released via BMG, and features more ballads and rhythmic songs. It includes the singles Can't Lose With You and Thank You, as well as I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing. Also included are songs written by himself; Drowning Me is a track co-written by him.

He performed Chasing Shadows, the theme song for the South African release of the Disney movie Treasure Planet.

Heinz married Alette De Klerk on 25 September 2006 in South Africa. They welcomed a son, Lian Theo Winckler, on 23 May 2010 at 7:25am. On 20 April 2012, their second son, Simeon Carl Winckler was born at 6:48pm. Reuben Jacques Winckler was born on 15 March 2014 at 7:40pm.

In 2006, Heinz returned to the recording studio. He has just finished recording his third studio album titled Moment of Truth and is due for release in September, 2006. The album contains twelve songs:

1. Another Day
2. Wrong
3. Got Me Believing
4. Love's Supposed To Be
5. Runaway Lover
6. Don't Know What I'm Feeling
7. Get Away
8. Love Will Breathe
9. Back Together
10. Do You Feel The Same
11. Moment Of Truth
12. I Do

He performed in the role of Roger Davis on the touring production of the musical Rent from the 2007-2008 season.

     Piet van Wyk de Vries is an independent South African songwriter born in Pretoria in 1972.
Piet van Wyk de Vries was born in Pretoria, South Africa on 7 May 1972. He grew up in Johannesburg and Pretoria. He attended School in Meyerspark and Silverton. He did his national service in the South African Police as a member of ''Eenheid 19 (Unit 19), from 1991 to 1994. He has done some freelance work in the security sector after that. He was also Director of Security at Wierda Glen Estate during 2010/11.

He started in the music industry by fronting the band "Flying Circus", but soon changed directions by focusing more on music production and studio design. This culminated in 2000 when he designed and built what was at the time the largest digital studio in Africa for Sting Music in Johannesburg. He used this Pro Tools based studio to produce the first Afrikaans album by the artist Dozi (Hendrik Opperman), entitled "Op Aanvraag", which has since become one of the most successful albums of that genre of all time. This album also launched the career of songwriter Stef Kruger.

Before the Dozi album he arranged, wrote and produced music and live items for many South African artists in the English and Black markets, including PJ Powers, Lebo Mathosa and Billy Forrest. He also co-engineered a private recording for Eddy Grant, who recorded a birthday song in South Africa for his wife.EMI music Pub (SA) has handled van Wyk de Vries' music publishing, and administered his "Triplane Music" publishing label, since 1997. In 1997, van Wyk de Vries was offered one of the largest non-recoupable advances ever for a South African songwriter, as an incentive for signing with EMI Publishing. During the following years, EMI has in one way or another handled all publishing for all songs that van Wyk de Vries wrote, with the (one known) exception of a song called "This Life", which was penned by van Wyk de Vries and sung by the superstar PJ Powers, and was published by Sting Music. In 2011, after EMI Publishing had been bought by Sony/BMG, the company renewed its contracts with van Wyk de Vries for at least another five years.

In 2008 the South African painter Bess Rheeders discovered van Wyk de Vries, and painted a series of paintings inspired by the songs on his first album. These were only displayed to the public once, and have all been sold into private collections since, apart from one painting, which she gave to the artist. In 2014, the Centurion Arts Association also presented an exhibition of works inspired by the lyrics of Piet van Wyk de Vries, as sung by Mathys Roets.

He currently lives with his wife in Centurion, South Africa.



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