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The legends of South African country music are one of the largest country shows ever, COUNTRY LEGENDS AND FRIENDS. The legends Lance James, Barbara Ray, Bobby Angel, Matt Hurter and Tommy Dell , Alan Ladd, Cheree, JJ Stephens ,Frans Swart, producer of the COUNTRY LEGENDS Shows
  Lance James has more than 60 albums to his name, the worst of which was recorded way back in the 60s already! Lance is known as the Big Daddy of South African country music and has received many awards during his career of almost 50 years. The ATKV dubbed him "a living icon", and Vonk magazine recently gave him a "Lifetime Achievement" for his contribution to the South African music industry.
  Lance also recorded various albums with Queen of Country Barbara Ray. Barbara emigrated fron Scotland to South Africa in die mid-60s, and has since become a household name. Twenty-two of her albums went gold, and she won many awards for her contribution to country music. Barbara is especially well-known for her hits "I don"t wanna play house" and "Down the Mississippi", and also tours with one of SA"s other great country legends, Bobby Angel.
  Bobby Angel has been known as the King of Country since he took the music world by storm with his 1975 hit, "You ask me to". Many more hits followed, and his latest release, "Wals van die lewe", confirmed Bobby"s status as evergreen musician.
  Tommy Dell, also known as The Killer, and Sally Vaughn represented South Africa in Nashville in 1984. The main singer of the Elvis group The Jordanaires was highly impressed with Dell"s work: "I"ve never seen a singer from another country command so much respect from an audience". No wonder, since nine of Tommy"s albums went gold ... while "Teddy Bear" and "Little Rosa" earned this artist double golden awards.
  Matt Hurter has been well-known in the South African country music industry for 40 years now. He is the current president of the South African Country Music Association and it was he who founded the SA Country Farm and managed it for 11 years. Matt is working on a new album at the moment, a large part of which will be music he himself wrote.
Alan Ladd was born in Lusaka, Zambia, in 1966. He and his 12 brothers and sisters (among whom was the legendary singer, Kupido) emigrated to South Africa in 1976. Ten years later, he recorded his first "seven single", with one of his own songs, Daddy, also on it. He attained great success as singer/songwriter in the years that followed, and his last two albums were released in 2006. The first, The Country Gospel CD, reached platinum status within two months, and sold more than 44 500 copies. The second, My Hart Klop Country, sold more than 37 000 copies within four months.
  Cheree is well-known in the local contemporary market. Her versatility and talent can be seen from her recent double album, "Country Girl", as she sings the music of her heart on this new CD! Chere"s love of country music - both old and new - inspired this project. Cheree has been nominated for a SAMA award this year, for her country album, "Country Girl", and at the beginning of 2008 this country girl was crowned Radio IFM"s Country Singer of the Year.
JJ Stephens is known for his timeless interpretations of music that takes hold of people, moves them, and gives them unforgettable pleasure, just like the international classic Engelbert Humperdinck, Neil Diamond and Tom Jones. JJ Stephens is as much at home in country music as in pop and middle-of-the-road. He also loves the theatre and has written and co-written various music shows incorporating some of SA"s most popular artists. He is currently working on a show called An Evening with Humperdinck & Jones. JJ"s rich, low-toned voice makes all his renditions of well-known hit parade songs unique.
  South African Music - COUNTRY is going to put SA`s most popular country artists on our homepage


  Clive Bruce became famous for his five year presenting of the hit Television program called "Sing Country" which featured the best of the best in South African Music.  Sing Country was followed by rewind which he presented for three years.  Today the name Clive Bruce is directly linked to Country Music in South Africa with more than 20 CD's to his name Clive is one of the most successful Country singers South Africa has ever seen. 




             The best in country music    

      Country Magic at The Carousel Casino & Entertainment World’s Cheyenne Saloon promises to be a feast of everything country, with a fantastic line-up of internationally-acclaimed artists.     

 The legends of South African country music share the stage at The Carousel Casino & Entertainment World’s Cheyenne Saloon on 24 and 25 January for the ultimate country show – Country Magic. Lance James, Tommy Dell, Barbara Ray, Sally Vaughn, Clive Bruce and The Rodeo Girls will dish up the best country show south of Texas for two spectacular evenings.

Multi award-winning country legend Lance ‘Big Daddy’ James has been at the forefront of entertainment in South Africa for over 50 golden years. This versatile artist, who is well-loved for the special bond he forms with his audiences during his performances, is also popular as a radio announcer, having started his career in broadcasting in 1954. He still does radio work across South Africa, Namibia and for Impala Radio in Perth.

James has performed abroad, released more than 85 albums and won a host of awards including two honorary awards from the ATKV for his contribution to Afrikaans music, six Sarie awards and Vonk, Tempo, Ghoema and Sama Lifetime Achievement awards.

Tommy ‘Killer’ Dell has been touring the country as a performer for over 40 years. He has also represented South Africa in Nashville at the International Country Fanfare Show and has worked with artists such as Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Crystal Gayle and Elvis Presley’s vocal backing band, the Jordanaires. A singer, songwriter, cabaret artist, radio presenter and comedian, Dell has 11 gold albums and 4 platinum CDs to his credit.

Barbara Ray is ‘The Queen of Country Music’ in South Africa. She arrived in the country from Scotland in the mid-1960s and has been a household name ever since. Her concert performances have taken her around South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Scotland, Madeira and a very successful tour of Australia. A multiple award-winner with 22 gold records to her name, Ray’s soft-spoken manner and warm personality, coupled with her wonderful songs, have made her one of South Africa’s most popular singers.

Sally ‘Mama Country’ Vaughn has been a fixture on the South African music scene since she won multiple Sarie awards in 1983 for being the best female country singer with songs like The Teddy Bear Song and With You. Critically-acclaimed performances in Nashville followed, where she earned standing ovations with Glory Glory Hallelujah and Somewhere Between. She was part of the group Over the Hillbillies with Billy Forrest, Lance James, Joanna Field and Clive Bruce and has also recorded duets with Buddy Vaughn and Gene Rockwell.

Clive Bruce has been performing and recording for over 40 years, charting high on both the SA Hit Parade, and the popular LM Radio Hit Parade in the seventies. He’s appeared on multiple TV shows as a host and a guest, achieved success individually and as part of the group Over the Hillbillies. Still going strong, Bruce released two new albums in 2013 entitled Sweet Fever and Net Vir Jou.
The Rodeo Girls are a new addition to Lance James’ live show, but have also achieved notable solo success, both locally and internationally, with their dynamic performances over more than 15 years. The only professional line dance group in South Africa, The Rodeo Girls have made a name for themselves with both singing and dancing. They’ve appeared on multiple South African TV shows and music DVDs and have shared stages with country legends and pop stars alike. They’ve also achieved international success, winning awards at the American Dance Awards in Orlando and in Austria.

Country Magic at The Carousel Casino & Entertainment World’s Cheyenne Saloon promises to be a feast of everything Country.


Billy Forrest – the living legend!
(part one: 1961 – 1966)

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest

Malcolm Lombard wrote the following about this formidable artist who made his first recording exactly 50 YEARS ago:

“Tenacity, determination, perseverance, an uncompromising stickler on quality, sheer guts and, not least of all, loads of talent have made Billy Forrest a living legend in the South African music industry. An unparalleled 17 chart entries on Springbok Radio’s Top 20 … compares favourably to a select few of the world’s top recording artists. His versatility as a hit-making producer of some of our country’s biggest successes, too, is legendary. One cannot but respect the man. Sustained success over a period of 50 years is seldom achieved by any artist – local or international!”

Billy, Adrian Strydom, Bobby Angel and John Linderman are currently (2011) working on a CD project involving an overseas artist, but let’s go back to 1961 when Billy started his recording career. We sincerely hope this overview of Billy’s career as a singer and a producer will convince SAMA officials that a special award for this Legend’s contribution to SA music is long overdue. What do you say??

Meet The Giants

Meet The Giants

HMV 1961 : Billy Forrest and the Giants


1. Dark lonely street / My heart and I (78 rpm)


1. Meet the Giants

Little Archie And The Twisters

Little Archie And The Twisters

CONTINENTAL 1962 : Billy Forrest with Little Archie and the Twisters


1. Don’t knock upon my door
2. Comin’ up in the world
3. Forty days


1. Twistin’ wild (also featuring Bobby Angel/other)

Extended Play Single

‘Silva Bera and Billy Forrest with Arch Hunter & His Combo at Archies’, recorded  8 May 1962

Your eyes say kiss me  (Silva Bera)

Last date  (Arch Hunter)

My love for you  (Billy Forrest)

Wheels  (Arch Hunter)

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest with the Arch Hunter Combo


1. Dancin’ shoes
2. Somebody’s smiling
3. Little Dutch village (unissued)

Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me

CONTINENTAL 1963: Billy Forrest – solo


1. It might as well rain until September


1. Come back to me (Gallotone label)

RENOWN 1963: Billy Forrest and the Veterans


1. Cross my heart

Billy Forrest – Solo (1963 – 1966)


1. 500 Miles
2. Miller’s cave
3. Burning bridges
4. Hello operator (#1 hit   on
Springbok Radio Top 20)
5. Wrong number
6. Seven letters
7. Wind me up (let me go)
8. Looking back
9. Still
10. Lonelyville


1. Billy Forrest
2. Seven letters

  Barbara Ray is one of South Africa's most famous country singers.  Not only did she appeared on cd with some of our country's best singers like Lance James, but when Steve Hofmeyr did his revival of old South African legends called "Toeka 2", Barbara Ray was one of those fortunate to be included in the compilation.  Other artists on the compilation included names like Dennis East and Des & Dawn Lindberg. 

   Click on the YouTube Video an you can watch it on YouTube ....Enjoy and Have Fun....Welcome to South African Country

Don Williams - Down the road I go 1982

Don Williams - Some broken hearts never mend 1982

Mel McDaniel - Louisiana Saturday Night  

Gypsy woman

Don Williams - Turn out the Light and love me tonight 1982

 Don Williams - Lord, I hope this day is good  

 Don Williams Emmy Lou Harris - If I Needed You (with lyrics)


Don Williams - My Rifle, My Pony and Me.

Don Williams - Tulsa time (+lyrics)

 Don Williams - You're my best friend 1982

Clive Bruce

Although Clive Bruce is a household name in the world of entertainment, it took years of dedication to get it there.  Clive started his singing career in 1963 as a school boy with his guitar.   Virginia Lee, once known as the “Queen of Song” in South Africa assisted Clive with his first recording, and “Sally Sunshine” reached a No 1 Hit on the Hit Parade.
He started with Country music in 1976 and regularly appeared on “Gentle on my Mind” which was then presented by Bobby Angel.   Country music fans were very interested in this “new” singer and so Clive started travelling around South Africa.  He is still travelling, whether for solo appearances, Corporate functions, Dances, Agricultural Shows,  and Charity functions etc.   He is also an excellent Master of Ceremonies, fully bilingual, and has a wonderful manner with people, young and old.
Clive was approached in 1985 to present a television programme.   This programme, Sing Country,  became one of the longest running South African music programmes in the history of S.A.B.C. and was broadcast on TV4 on Sunday evenings.    Clive also hosted  “Rewind”, which he presented with messages and videos at noon on weekdays on TV1.   He gained many fans as a result of his unique style and personality.
The success of the C.D./Cassette “One Last Kiss” is proof that Clive’s music is enjoyed by a wide range of people.  In July ’96 the C.D. “One Last Kiss” obtained Gold Status.    Clive also received Platinum status in 2002 from his record Company, for sales of more than 75 000 resulting from his 3 albums, One Last Kiss, Just One More Dance, and My God Loves Me.
Clive has released various CD’s over the past 10 years and is still very much in demand as a performer around the Country.   Top class artist that fits into any function with ease and professionalism.



“The Killer”

Tommy Dell is an excellent artist and entertainer who has been touring South Africa for many years. Tommy, is known as “Killer” because of his vibrant stage act.

In 1984, 1987 and 1989 Tommy represented S.A in Nashville, Tennessee, USA at the International Country Fanfare Show. He worked with artists such as Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Crystal Gayle and Elvis Presley’s vocal backing band, the Jordanaires.

Tommy has 11 Gold albums and 4 Platinum CD’s to his credit. His Gospel album, “ “ was released in 2008.

Tommy also still performs with the other Legends of Country, namely Lance James, Bobby Angel, Barbara Ray, Billy Forrest and Cline Bruce.

He performed in 12 sold-out shows during the past 3 years at The Playhouse, in Somerset West. He writes his own material and uses his family in the show.

Tommy Dell is a Singer, Songwriter, Cabaret artist, Musician, Radio Presenter, Entertainer and an accomplished Comedian. He presently hosts the popular breakfast show on Radio Helderberg 95.9 FM.

Tommy has also appeared on the Toeka tour as Steve Hofmeyr’s special guest .



Jody Wayne, wellknown Singer, Platinum Recording Artist, Record Producer, Songwriter, and Entertainer, released “The Wedding” in 1970. This song earned him 4 Platinum discs and became one of the highest selling single in South African history at that time. This was followed by “Patches”, “Sixteen Candles” “Tell Laura I Love Her” and numerous other Hit songs.

1970 saw Judy embark on a successful career as a Record Producer when he discovered and produced Barbara Ray for 10 yrs. He produced Dennis East’s first record, Derek Denniss, Billy J Kramer, managed by Brian Epstein, the Beatles Personal Manager, Neil Herbert, Gene Rockwell, Gwynneth Ashley Robin, the only young girl singer in the country at the time, Danny Antill, The Stockley sisters, one of whom (Miriam), went on to become the lead singer for the London Philharmonic Orchestra and one of Britain’s top session singers. Also Maureen Moore and the popular “Sound Wild” albums, earning 22 Platinum Discs as Producer. He toured Zimbabwe and Namibia with Clive Calder’s, “In-Crowd”. (Clive just sold ZOMBA RECORDS for 3 billion U.S dollars!)

Jody won the role of Joseph in the first South African Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical spectacular –‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ for PACT

Jody has enjoyed much success much and recognition as a Songwriter and Composer. His self-penned recording of the “Wonder Of Your Love” featured 4 artists who are now international Super Stars-namely, Trevor Rabin (‘Yes’) Miriam Stockley, Robert ”Mutt” Lange now married to Shania Twain and Producer to Brian Adams, Michael Bolton, Deff Leopard- Duncan Mackay (10cc)-earning Jody 3 Platinum Discs.

Jody, a highly charismatic artist, is one of the few South African stars to have a real ‘star quality’. Jody continues to tour constantly, and to date Jody has 26 Gold Discs to his credit.


BARBARA RAY is, and will always be considered “The Queen of Country Music” in South Africa.

Barbara came to this sunny land from her native Scotland in the mid-sixties, and once she began singing and recording,  she quickly became a household name…….a status Barbara still enjoys today.

Her concert performances have taken her around South Africa, as well as appearing in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Scotland, Madeira and a very successful tour of Australia.

The “Queen of Country” has appeared in many, many top radio and TV programmes, and during her career has earned over 22 Gold Records, and she ain’t finished yet!

Her hits include “ I don’t wanna play house”, “Who’s gonna tie my shoes”, “Divorce” and “Down the Mississippi” and many more.     She has also earned several Awards for her contribution to music.  She has recorded “Somewhere Between” with Lance James and her latest solo CD release is called “Paper Roses”

Through the years Barbara has also recorded with Bobby Angel and Lance James.

Her soft spoken manner and warm personality, and her wonderful songs, makes her one of South Africa’s most popular all-time singers.

Barbara Ray McKenzie Brown was born in Dalmellington, Scotland, as one of ten children. Six brothers and four sisters. Barbara's singing career started in her hometown, when, aged 16, she sang with a band: Joe Duffy and the Squads. While still a pupil at Dalmellington High School, friends dared her at a local dance hall to go up and ask to sing with the established group Tommy Trousdale and the Sundowners. She sang the song I've Told Every Little Star and was an instant hit. Tommy invited her back the next day and so she signed her first contract as vocalist with his band.
A stint on television followed and she was soon the singing star of the band, performing at many venues in Scotland and Britain. Tommy's band was voted Scotland's top semi-professional group and soon became one of Britain's top pop groups sharing the stage with, among others, Freddie and the Dreamers, Billy Fury and Mr Acker Bilk. It was in Dalmellington that her South African husband-to-be, commercial artist and professional photographer, Jack Fenix, met her, while on a working holiday there in 1964. On leap year's day, 29th February 1964, Barbara and Jack were married and "Babs" as she was affectionately known, quit the band. The couple emigrated to South Africa in 1965 and settled in Brakpan

Barbara entered a major talent contest and won. She started singing with various bands as Barbara Fenix, doing gigs around the country at various resorts, hotels and dance-halls. Venues included the Rainbow Resort outside Johannesburg, the Finch Nest at the Veld and Vlei Hotel in Springs, Robinson Lake and Hennops Pride. Her break came, however, when she went to a popular local resort, Bapsfontein, to watch a show there. Friends egged her on to go up and sing. Compere Al Willox heard her singing and offered her a singing job which Barbara accepted on a part-time basis. She sang with Al and his band at the Hotel Germiston but kept her daytime job as a clerk for a fashion house.

Jody Wayne heard Barbara singing and offered to help her in getting a recording contract with a recording company. He convinced her that her voice was more suited to Country & Western music than the Pop and Dixieland that she was accustomed to. A successful audition at Teal followed and in August 1970 Barbara recorded a single Like I Do with the 5th Association, a band that had been backing her at some of her gigs.

  Barbara's popularity increased and she was billed with Jody Wayne, John Edmond, Cornelia and other artists, appearing at venues such as The Wedgewood Room, Joubert Park Theatre, Hotel Germiston and Bapsfontein Hotel. Her second single, Happy Birthday Baby, reached #10 on Springbok's Top 20 in May 1971. She was awarded the Springbok Award (mini Sarie) at the 1971 SARIE Awards as South Africa's Most Promising Female Vocalists

Her next chart entry was with the single Silver Threads and Golden Needles. The song peaked at #6 on Springbok's Top 20 in November 1971 and remained on the charts for 16 weeks, earning Barbara her first gold disc. She released her second album early in 1972 and scored two radio hits with the singles Blackboard Of My Heart and Valley Of The Moon. Public demand for appearances took on phenomenal proportions and overnight Barbara was working a gruelling schedule.

Barbara's mother suggested to her that she record the Tammy Wynette tear-jerker I Don't Wanna Play House. She did and her version was a resounding success, reaching #1 on Springbok's Top 20 hit parade for six consecutive weeks during February and March 1973. It topped the Rhodesian charts for two weeks and hit the #1 spot on the Australian Hit Parade for no fewer than eight consecutive weeks (albeit almost a year later)!

This netted three gold discs for the single from her record company locally and a double gold disc award from Australia. In doing so, the song became the most successful girl's hit single of 1973 in South Africa and achieved the same status in Australia in 1974. Her next single Funny Face reached a respectable #3 on Springbok's Top 20 in November 1973. She was back on the charts in August 1974 at the #12 spot with a ditty entitled Joey. In April 1975, Barbara undertook a successful 10 week tour of Australia with Digby Richards. Her chart success in Australia was not limited to I Don't Wanna Play House - during her tour two other songs, Sad Movies and Joey, were both in the Top 10 on the Australian charts. On her return to South Africa, Barbara was presented with a gold disc for record sales in excess of 360 000 units within a two year period. In December she was back on the charts, this time with Bobby Angel in the form of their duet entitled The Greatest Christmas Gift which reached #19 on Springbok's Top 20 hit parade.

" Don't leave us!" her fans begged, and Barbara promised that she wouldn't. In April 1976 the Brakpan Lions Club named her Citizen of the Year. In October of the same year she won two SARIE Awards. Her album Barbara clinched the award as Best English LP Of The Year and, along with Bobby Angel, she won the SARIE Award for Best Vocal Group.
In May 1977 Barbara's rendition of Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes reached #S11 on Springbok's Top 20 hit parade. She decided not to renew her contract with Teal, and after considering a handsome offer, signed with EMI in December 1979. Her first venture under EMI's banner, Down The Mississippi, reached #4 on Springbok's Top 20 in August 1980 and earned Barbara another gold disc award. The album also went gold and both discs were presented to her by Cliff Richard in November 1980. Her second album for EMI, The Country Music Of Barbara Ray, earned Barbara a triple gold disc award for album sales.

Barbara teamed up with Bobby Angel in 1983 to record the album, Voices. The title-track reached #17 on Springbok's (now) Top 30 hit parade in May. In the same year Barbara's husband Jack died of a heart attack. Although she continced performing, her public appearances became less frequent, with her attention focused more on charity work, and braving the challenge of raising her children alone.

In 1985 she returned to Scotland, toured with Sydney Divine and recorded an album with Tommy Truesdale (now a top DJ on Scottish West Sound Radio), which was released there. On her return she learnt that she had won her sixth SARIE Award: the 1985 SARIE for Best Country Singer. In all, Barbara was nominated for a SARIE Award for fourteen consecutive years. She celebrated her 25th year as a singer and was made Citizen of the Year by the Brakpan Town Council in honour of her contributions through the years to her community. Barbara made a welcome return to the recording booth in 1996, when she recorded her album, Working Man.


In 1983 Sally earned a Sarie award with her songs: ”The Teddy Bear Song” and “With You” on her album “Mama Country” as “Best Female Country Singer”.

By this time she was already known as “Mama Country”, a title bestowed on her by Lance James.  Lance decided to present Sally’s rendition of “Glory Glory Hallelujah” to the American Country Music Association,  and shortly thereafter Sally was invited to visit the USA.

In June 1984 Sally performed in Nashville,  Tennessee,  at the Annual Country Awards and received a standing ovation for her songs “Glory Glory  Hallelujah” and “Somewhere Between”.  She was invited as one of the lead performers a year later and again received a standing ovation.

In 1989 Sally Vaughn,  Lance James,  Clive Bruce,  Billy Forrest and Joanna Field began the group ”Over The Hillbillies”, and released five albums.

Some of Sally’s greatest hits are”Glory Glory Hallelujah”,  “Cryin’ My Heart Out Over You”,  “Your Old Love Letters”,  “Somewhere Between”, ”Special Angel”, ”A Simple Goodbye”,  “Piece Of My Heart”,  ”He Talks To Me”,  “If I Give My Heart To You”, ”When Old Flames Burn Blue”,  “Weep No More”, ”Daddy’s Hands”, ”Tammy” and many more.

Sally recorded duets with Buddy Vaughn,  Billy Forrest,  Lance James,  Joanna Field, Clive Bruce and Gene Rockwell.



Lance James, known as “Big Daddy” is the Master of Ceremonies and co-ordinator of this excellent “Country Legends” Show.

Lance James is a versatile performer who specialises in corporate functions, concerts, cabaret, dances, barn-dances, weddings, shopping centres and in-store promotions. He has been in show business for more than 50 years, and is considered as one of the top entertainers ever in South Africa who has an excellent rapport with his audiences.

His awards are too many to list but include 2 ATKV Honorary Awards for his contribution to music in South Africa. He has also received a Beeld Award for contribution to Afrikaans music, a Solidarity Award for his contribution to music, 6 Sarie Awards, several awards for “Best Album of the Year”, and recently the “Vonk Music Magazine” Life Time Achievement Award (2007).

Lance has appeared on numerous top TV shows which include “Dis Hoe Dit Is”, “Kwêla”, “Noot vir Noot”, “Good Morning Live”, just to name a few.

On radio, Lance started broadcasting in 1954 and is still on the air on “Radio Today” 14.85 MW

He has made concert appearances in virtually every town and city in South Africa, he has appeared in schools, church halls, city halls and in the top venues e.g Sun City Superbowl, The Carousel, Emperors Palace, Champions, Carnival City, Graceland, Emerald Casino, Thaba Nchu, The Ridge and Marula Sun just to name a few, for the top companies in South Africa.

Lance has also appeared in England, Ireland, Spain, Germany and the USA.

Lance has about 80 recorded albums to his credit. Lance has been a constant seller all these years. He is a class performer, and always in great demand for appearances throughout South Africa. His energy, passion and love of entertaining knows no bounds.

Chantel Williams 

Chantel was born on 10 October 1974, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and is the youngest of 5 children. From a very young age of 4 years old, Chantel loved to entertain her family and friends through her singing. Growing up with Country music, she soon became familiar with songs of Country Legends like, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton...just to name a few...and that is how her love for Country music was born. In October 2008, Chantel got married to her husband Henco Barnard, and has a son, named Clarence.

Chantel started singing with various bands as from the age of 15 years old. After finishing High School she moved to Pietersburg for two years to pursue her singing career, where she won two singing competitions, one local, and the other a nationwide singing competition, and ended up as the winner of the Pietersburg region. In 1995, she was the lead female vocalist for the band '8 IS ENOUGH', in Port Elizabeth, where they entered a competition 'THE ON THE GO SHOW'. Their band won the competition in their catagory, winning 4 prizes, 'Best Keyboard Player, Best Base Guitarist, Best Vocalists, and the Grand Prize of being the overall winners. In 2003 Chantel recorded her first album, 'MAMA HE'S CRAZY'. She went on tour, doing shows, all over South Africa, promoting her album. her second album was recorded in 2009, 'TWO SPARROWS', again promoting her album by singing at Music Festival, and Country Shows ect... She finished her third album 'MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY' in January 2012, being her first album with original songs, which the songwriter and singer TONY RIDGWAY has written and produced. After launching her album in April 2012, three of her songs on this album reached #1...'AFTER ALL THESE TEARS' - IMPALA RADIO TOP 10 - 3 WEEKS #1 in MAY 2012, 'BUTTERFLY LOVE' - SA COUNTRY TOP 10(RADIO IFM 102.2) - 1 WEEK #1 - JULY 2012 and 'THE GAMES THAT DADDIES PLAY' - SA COUNTRY TOP 10(RADIO IFM 102.2) - 2WEEKS #1. Chantel had the opportunity and priviledge to share stages with South African Country Legends, Lance James, Barbara Ray, Bobby Angel, Billy Forrest, Jody Wayne, Matt Hurter ect...Radio stations supporting Chantel by playing her songs is BAY FM, KWBC(NASHVILLE), IMPALA RADIO, RADIO HELDERBERG, KEEP IT COUNTRY(LANCE JAMES), RADIO IFM 102.2 and RSA Nationwide Radio Station Radio RSG.


Billy Forrest is listed as the South African artist with the most Top 20 hits ever, an unbelievable eighteen in total and it includes his Pop and Rock hits of the sixties, but there’s a fair share of Country hits too, with songs like “Hello Operator”, “Our Sweet Precious Love”, “Wings Of A Dove” and “Tiny Bubbles” still in great demand. Billy released a great CD last year, titled “Go With Me” and it includes all his hits as well as some really exciting new country tracks and both he and Bobby Angel have brand new DVD's available in the market-place and both selling very well.

Bobby Angel was born Robert Engelsman on 30 December 1936 in Johannesburg. When Bobby was six months old, the family moved from Johannesburg to Kimberley. At the tender age of three, Bobby would be put on the counter of the local butcher to sing for the customers. As a teenager he became a successful amateur boxer winning no fewer than thirteen trophies in seven years! At this time he also mastered the drums and formed his own band with two friends. The band practised in Bobby's lounge and played gigs wherever they could often for no payment.

He progressed from drums to singing. often at weddings and dances for Hymie Baleson and Dan Hill at the Orange Grove Hotel. In the ensuing years Bobby sang with several bands in and around Johannesburg and worked with musician Manfred Lubbevatz, who later became known as Manfred Mann. During his military traning. while performing for fellow soldiers, he decided to develop his talent towards a possible singing career.

Bobby embarked on and completed a five.year apprenticeship to become a qualified diamond-cutter and polisher at his father's diamond-cutting factory He practised this occupation full-time while singing part-time at various cabaret spots, night-clubs and dance venues in and around Johannesburg. Bobby started primarily as a jazz and swing singer in the Sinatra mould, a genre that would remain close to his heart throughout his career. At that stage he was receiving critical acclaim for his vocal talents and, in 1960, landed a contract at the Rosebank coffee bar/restaurant, Chiquita's.

So popular was he at this venue, that pioneering producer Albie Venter recorded Bobby's first album live at the restaurant. The album, on the Gallotone label, was entitled Rockin' Swingin' Twistin' Bobby Angel. The record company considered his surname. Engelsman, too long and suggested 'Engel' Afrikaans for 'Angel' . After some deliberation, the English 'Angel' was decided upon by Dan Hill and so 'Bobby Angel' was born.

A newspaper critic hailed Bobby as "South Africa's most exciting singing discovery" in 1962. In 1966. after the demise of his grandmother and parents, he moved to a flat in Joubert Park. Here he literally met the 'girl next door', an English lass sojourning in Johannesburg en route to Canada as part of a round-the-world trip. In June 1966 Bobby and Chris French were married. In 1967 Bobby teamed up as vocalist with arranger Werner Krupski's group. Quartetto Krupski. Not only was Bobby adept at boxing, diamond.cutting and entertaining, he also proved to he an excellent. handyman.

In 1972, with producer Bryce Bradley, Bobby recorded two tracks that were released on a single for the (now defunct) Record and Tape Co. entitled, Build a New World and How Does It Feel. Although excellent recordings, the songs were not commercally successful. At this time, Bobby headed a group at Taylor's Travelodge in Johannesburg, where they enjoyed much success for the following two years.

Despite being an accomplished jazz singer, Bobby realised that, commercially speaking the South African record-buying public at large had musical tastes in a different category. He dropped his voice an octave, charged his vocal style and started singing Country and Western songs. In the summer of 1974, an agent from Teal Record Company approached Bobby to record a country song entitled, You Ask Me To. Produced by Hennie Bekker, the single was the turning point in his career and established Bobby Angel as a household name in South Africa. It entered Springbok's Top 20 hit parade in January 1975 and reached the #1 spot in March for two weeks, spending a total of 17 weeks on the charts. Bobby was presented with a Gold Disc for his achievement when sales of the single exceeded 25 000 copies.

Philip Solomon, manager of child-star Lena Zavaroni, impressed by Bobby's talent, was keen to take him to Britain where he had lined up television and radio performances for him. British trade union Equity, however, opposed the arrangements which were subsequently cancelled. Bobby's second single, Before the Next Teardrop Falls, was released and reached #5 on the charts in July 1975, spending 11 weeks on the charts. His singles had enjoyed chart success in neighbouring Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where he was invited for several television appearances and night-club performances. 1975 witnessed two more chart entries for Bobby on Springbok's Top 20. When his third and fourth singles, Don Junior and The Greatest Christmas Gift (wth Barbara Ray), entered the charts in December.

January and February of 1976 saw Bobby entertaining troops on the border in South West Africa (now Namibia), while March witnessed his South African TV debut on the Mimi Coertse variety show along with teen starlet Gwynneth Ashley-Robin and opera singer Bruce Martin. In March Bobby's 5th single, It's a Burning Thing was released. The song enjoyed a nine-week stay on the charts, peaking at #15 in May. In June, Teal Records honoured him for the feat of having five consecutive singles enter the charts. Shortly afterwards his LR It's a Burning Thing entered the LP Top 20 charts. The song Green Eyed Angel, written especially for Bobby by James Coleman of Nashville, Tennessee, was Bobby's sixth consecutive hit. Released in June, the single entered the charts in July reaching #5 on Springbok's Top 20 in September and spending 15 weeks on the charts in total.

In August, Bobby embarked on a six-week tour of the country with "International TV Startime" - a show which incuded Marie Gibson, Richard Loring, Mel Miller, Hansie Roodt, Cindy and Buzzy Ray. Billed on the show were visiting international group, The Wombles. When their producer Barney Smith skipped the country, they were asked to return to England by South African producer, Rod Alexander, after it was discovered that they (The Wombles) simply mimed to pre-recorded music.

In October 1976, Bobby and Barbara Ray, collected a SARIE Award for the category: Best Vocal Group. Bobby's fan mail had reached enormous proportions and his diary for live concerts was booked to capacity. He was approached to write a theme song, together with Hennie Bekker, for a new TV series entitled Call Me Kelly. His subsequent recording of Kelly's Song was so popular that Teal decided to release the track on a single. It reached #13 on Springbok's Top 20 in December 1977 and spent 7 weeks on the charts. When his contract with Teal expired in December, he received attractive offers from rival record companies. Bobby decided, however, to renew his contract with Teal as he enjoyed working with John Smithers whom he felt had done much for his musical career.

1978 witnessed Bobby sporting a beard - a look he maintains to this day. At that stage he was a regular on television, appearing in shows such as Pop Shop, Good Vibrations and Country Celebration. In March he signed a four-week contract to appear with the Dutch group Pussycat on their tour of South Africa. His polished performances and professionalism were praised by both audiences and critics alike. In September he was awarded the South African music industry's most coveted award: the 1978 SARIE Award for the category: S.A.'s Best Male Vocalist. Hs group Sidewinder accompanied him on all his gigs and also backed him on several of his albums.

Starting December 1979, Bobby hosted a fortnightly television show, Gentle On My Mind - created by SABC TV to cater for the increasng demand by viewers for Country music. A distinguishing element of the show was that guest stars performed live and did not mime to pre-recorded tapes, as is the norm on music programmes. The series was so popular that its run was extended for a further year and an album by the same name released. A highlight of the show for Bobby was when American country star, Glen Campbell, appeared as a guest on his show. Not only was Glen a special guest artist, he also sang back vocals on one of Bobby's performances. Another international artist to appear on Bobby's show was Susan Anton. In September 1980 Lance James launched the Springbok Radio (country) festival which was attended by 10 000 enthusiastic country fans. The line-up of stars included Barbara Ray, Marie Gibson, Tommy Dell, Bobby Angel and his backing group, Sidewinder. The festival was repeated the following year at the Rand Show where a record attendance figure of 40 000 fans was recorded. A rare appearance by retired country veteran Charles Jacobie delighted the audience who gave him a standing ovation.

As with some of his (Teal) predecessors Virginia Lee and Barbara Ray, Bobby chose not to renew his recording contract with Teal, but accepted a generous offer from a rival company EMI in December 1980. His first album under ths banner, The Country Music of Bobby Angel, was released shortly afterwards. He guested on Highveld Country and performed at the 1981 Arts Awards. At this time Bobby resigned from his job as a diamond cutter and turned his energies to a full time musical career.

In 1982 EMI appointed Bobby as a producer of various artists' albums. Although he had co-produced some of his own albums, his LP Angel Eyes would be his first solo production. In 1983 Bobby and Barbara Ray were in the charts again with their recording of Voices, which entered the Top 20 of Springbok's (now) Top 30 hit parade. The song spent 12 weeks on the charts. In August Bobby was awarded two Gold Records for his albums The Angel and The Country Music of Bobby Angel. The year also saw another successful Springbok Radio Keep It Country show at Milner Park and the return of Bobby's ever popular TV show, Gentle On My Mind, which ran until 1985. His show was voted among the Top 10 most popular TV shows in the country. In 1985 Bobby undertook a nationwide tour along with South Africa's biggest country names in the CarlingCountry Tour. He continued touring and performing until 1988, when he announced his retirement from show business.

Recently Bobby made a welcome return to the recording booth when he recorded a new album. This collection recalls an earlier period, though, and includes rare gems from Bobby's early recording career such as Around The World and Beyond The Sea, which demonstrate his impressive vocal versatility. Many titles, too, make a welcome appearance for the first time in CD format. Gallo Record Company honours South Africa's 'King Of Country  Bobby Angel.

Bobby Angel has earned the title “King Of Country”, mainly due to the popularity of his Television series “Gentle On My Mind”, in the eighties. His hits include “You Ask Me To”, “Green Eyed Angel”, “Living On Love” & “Terug By My Mense”.

In 2008 Bobby released his best CD ever, titled “Somebody Like You” and together with Billy Forrest, an album of Foster & Allen Hits, which has just been released with firm predictions that this could be the “big one” for 2009. Both Bobby and Billy were nominees in this year’s SAMA Music Awards, in the Country Music category, and Bobby ended up the winning, despite strong opposition from other top artists. such as Ray Dylan and Freddi Nest.
  The Campbells – Biography

The brothers Harry and Tony Campbell were both born in Cape Town. Their English speaking father, Harry Campbell Senior, taught his sons to play various musical instruments and provided them with musical inspiration at a young age.

The Campbell’s mother, Sandra, was raised in Pretoria in an Afrikaans home. Sandra encouraged her sons to be fully bilingual.

Like most children the Campbells attended government schools. Harry matriculated in 1993 and went on to study Motor Mechanics and Electrician Work.

Tony matriculated in 1994 and then obtained a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering as well as Financial Concepts and Marketing Management.

Many school bands and friendships were formed during their school years, however after high school the brothers soon realised that it would only be the two of them that would put the effort in to go all the way.

It was during their tertiary education that the Campbells decided to start up a recording studio. At this stage Harry was a gifted guitarist and Tony played drums, keyboards and was the lead vocalist in the group. Every year the Campbells improved musically and performed more often and to bigger audiences.

During 1999 the brothers met Kosie van Niekerk the owner of Select Music. Kosie asked if they would record material for his record label and the Campbells agreed. In 2000 Kosie proceeded to sign the Campbells as artists with Select music and released their debut album “You’re My Mate” during 2001. Immediately there was talk about the new young South African cowboys that performed country, rock ‘n roll and pop dance music. The Campbells appealed to both the English and Afrikaans markets and decided to write and produce a few Afrikaans songs. Their second album “Rooi Rok Bokkie” was an instant hit and in 2002 the Campbells became a house hold name.

15 albums and 6 DVD’s later the Campbells have established themselves as South Africa’s favourite duo and have sold more than 700 000 CD’s & DVD’s. Songs like Bietjie Bietjie Lam, Vat My Vas, Sewe Soene, Mamma Maria, Yvone and Rooi Rok Bokkie will always be remembered.

In 2009 the brothers teamed up with Spur to record Hillbilly Rock. Now a theme song and dance in all Spur restaurants in South Africa.

In 2010 The Campbells won a SAMA with their album Mamma Maria for the Best Sokkie Dans Album. They have also won 3 VAMT awards as well as 12 Gold, 7 Platinum, 3 Triple Gold & 2 Double Platinum sales awards. These well deserved awards cements their place within the South African music industry.

In 2012 the Campbells celebrated their 12th professional year in the South African recording industry and after seeing out their record contract with Select Music they started up their own record label - Campbell Records and released the album Voet In Die Hoek.

Now firmly in control of their musical careers the brothers have released their 15th CD Fanta & Cola. The album is packed with hits and the songs: Vlinders and Stoutgat have already reached number 1 on many radio stations around the country.

Over the years The Campbells have also performed in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe and would love to see you at there next performance




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